Youth Sports Gone Wild: Episode 3 

I’ve been hesitant to write this tale for many years. It shows the darkest aspect of the sport I love and I personally believe that something this terrible should not happen in today’s wrestling world. Let me start by saying: If I didn’t have friends that corroborate this story I would not believe it to be true even though it happened to me. 

Youth Wrestling meets are a weird place. They start early in the morning and you sit around and wait your turn to wrestle 2-5 different guys on the other teams that are there. Coaches are in each corner and parents and other wrestlers crowd the sides of the matts and bleachers. Kids are matched up by weight and they go out for three minutes wrestling their butts off as grown men scream at them from the side. For the larger more experienced kids, like I was, you sometimes end up wrestling kids a few years older so that your weight and experience match up. That was the case this one morning. I was wrestling a 12 year old and I was only 9. It was one of the last matches of the day so the herds on the sides of the matts had thinned out. I was winning by a large margin over this 12 year old and he started to cry. I started walking over to my corner smiling(hey man I was winning) and just about the time I got to my coaches my lights went out. I woke on the floor and started pushing myself up feeling hot and wet all over my face. I got up to my hands and knees when the wind was taken out of me. Even a pin prick of blood made me cry so I was in full tears and now I couldn’t breathe. I found myself on my back with moms on the team picking me up cleaning my face off. I see my dad is fist fighting with the dad of my opponent and my other two coaches are fighting his 14 year old brother. I’m crying and hyperventilating because I have a bloody face compounded with bruised ribs(may have been broken, but I was told doctors were for sissies) and all the moms are trying to get me under control. Luckily they do but for some reason they decided I needed to shake the other wrestler’s hand. I go to do so, we meet face to face with my hand sticking out and yes the little shitbag punched me right in the fucking face. 

The father and brother got their asses kicked and then were arrested for assault on a minor. What did they do? The brother ran out of the stands and clocked me. As my coaches jumped on him my dad stood there shocked as he watched the father come from no where and kick me in the chest as I struggled to get up. 

I bring this up because of the news story in Oklahoma. People do weird things when their kids lose and I wholeheartedly think it wasn’t a kidnapping but some asshole parent seeking revenge for a wrestling match no one should remember in ten years. 


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