Nah Nah Nah You’re Wrong

Back in college I had a fraternity brother that we nicknamed “The Balla”. No matter what The Balla was always right and we were always wrong. He would shoot down every conversation with “Nah Nah Nah, First of all You are WRONG.”. It got annoying and we made fun of him for this until he stopped. This is why twitter is such a turn off right now. We have entered the worst part of the Football Year: The NAH NAH NAH, I am right and you are wrong Twitter GM open season. Phrases like:

“I watch (insert team name here) more than you.”

“I watched every single (insert name of college player’s team here) game.”

“Bro did you even play (insert their top played level of football here) football, cause I did.”

“Pro Football Focus/ says…”

“Putting together my list of free agents that make sense for . I have 943 guys. Major key for almost all of them? Young.”

You get the point, or should get the point. You may be right about your players and hot takes. Yes those other twitter gms may be wrong. You being a condescending prick about it is making everyone think you are a fucking dick. To harass someone because you feel that you are right and they are wrong is ludicrous. To claim you have seen every second of football for every player and team makes you look foolish. Just because you played a higher level of football than your debate partner does not make you know more. SO STOP ALL OF YOU.


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