Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Every year I fall in love with someone and my heart gets shattered into a million pieces. That’s what the draft does to me. Builds me up, buttercup, then the Eagles let me down. I can tell you heartbreak horror stories of ProBowlers drafted elsewhere but I shall spare you the details. Go listen to sports radio for that. Instead I shall share with you the ones who will break me up this week.
1. CJ Prosise – Let’s face it, the Philadelphia Eagles do not have an every down back on their roster. They have two great Running Backs who just so happen to be past their prime. Adding CJ Prosise can strengthen this group. CJ is a reformed wide receiver who hits holes, catches out of the backfield and burns defenses. If Doug’s offense is going to resemble that of Andy Reid’s offense then he needs his Brian Westbrook. I feel CJ can be that guy and another RB steal in the third round. 2. Jayron Kearse – Tons of this has to be with the number this guy wears, the position he plays and the school he comes from. But hell this 6’4” Safety out of Clemson can blitz the quarterback and hawk balls like none other. Kearse idolizes Clemson and Eagles All Time All Timer Brian Dawkins. Am I saying he will be the next BDawk? No. But hell let’s try the same well once again. 

3. Keenan Reynolds – It may take Keenan a while to actually take the field in the NFL but when he does he will flash. An intelligent prolific college qb who athletic, quick and a great character guy(SHIT CHIP RUBBED OFF ON ME), Keenan should turn into a Julian Edelmanesque player in the NFL. Speaking of which, rumors have it that the son of the former Navy coach(Bellichek) is highly likely to take a waiver on him.

4. Glenn Gronkowski/ Derek Watt – The Philadelphia Eagles need a fullback. It was a staple of the Andy Reid offense and when they had a good one(Leonard Weaver/Jon Ritchie) boy was it an offense to behold. That’s why I would take a flyer on one of these two less imposing brothers. Glenn is a talented offensive player that can be a receiving threat out of the backfield. Derek is more of the great blocker having paved the way for Melvin Gordon and the Badger offense. One of these guys will improve a squad, hopefully ours.

5. Matthew Ioannidis – I could probably stick any of the NFL Bound Temple defensive players but Ioannidis is going to be a hell of a DT for the team who takes him. Athletic and big with the right training staff, hard work and an intelligent coaching staff probowls will be in his future. Taking the local kid is always a weakness of mine but I wouldn’t let this guy out of my backyard.

Honorable Mention: All the guys I would have taken at number 8.


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