Duck Hunt

A month or so back I started writing an article that is now null and void discussing who I wanted the the Eagles to target at number 8. I photoshopped all the pictures I wanted to include and was doing my due diligence on how the draft board I was going to share panned out. Figured, hell, I’ll release it draft week and hopefully it will get some hits due to timing. Well Howie bombed that for me. Better yet NUKED IT. That’s ok. I still am going to share which of the two QBs I preferred and why. Carson Wentz 

I hear he is Howie and Doug’s guy and I sure hope so. Don’t get me wrong, Jared Goff does everything well and in some areas I feel he is better suited for the NFL than Carson Wentz. But not in throwing the football downfield. Watch the great quarterbacks and they all have this crisp spiral falling into their receivers hands downfield. Through his college career Jared Goff has not. The ball wobbles and falls as football guys term “Like a Duck”. I don’t want my Franchise QB throwing ducks. For that reason, and that reason alone, I am willing to hitch my wagon(as Erock said) to Carson Wentz. He throws that beautiful spiral I want, and with supplied evidence hunts the ducks instead of throws them. I hope Howie and we Twitter GMs are right.  



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