With Regards to Sleeping Dogs and Broken Systems

Some of you are going to be pissed off with what you are about to read from me. That’s your prerogative. I was raised to always let a dead man rest. Dragging his name through the mud was unnecessary unless he was an extreme monster. Here’s the thing, Joe Pa isn’t an extreme monster. Jerry Sandusky is the real monster here. Joe Pa may or may not have tried to deal with CYS Pa. Have you ever dealt with the Child Services system? It is a broken system that would rather brush things under the rug than actually deal with them. It is likely if Joe Pa did report Jerry to them, they’d have done nothing. Besides when does one man’s word over a dead man’s constitute the truth? Instead of using this tragedy to trash and tarnish a dead man’s legacy we should use it to fix a system that allows child predators to roam our streets and infiltrate children’s safe havens. A system that has failed my family and hopefully doesn’t fail yours if God forbid something happens to your family. 


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